How Big Should Group Homes Be? Latest Research Now Available

COA's recent summary of research on this crucial question is downloadable as a PowerPoint here:

New Leash on Life - Front Page Coverage in Philadelphia Inquirer

New Leash on Life saves dogs from destruction while training inmate participants to become certified animal handlers. This program is now getting front page coverage for six days (May 5-10, 2013). Four of COA's Scientific Reports on this effective program are available at "Read More" below.

ARC of Virginia - Presentations

Dr. Conroy has recently completed 3 presentations on Deinstitutionalization History, the Promise of Self Determination, and Best Practices in Person-Centered Planning for the ARC of Virginia. These presentations are available for perusal in the Reports and Publications section of our website.

Disability Rights International & COA Present at United Nations

Eric Rosenthal, founder of Disability Rights International, and Jim Conroy of COA spoke together at a special event at UNICEF headquarters in NY. Their emphasis was the need to get children out of, and keep children from going into, large scale institutions. More than 50 UNICEF staff were in attendance.

Welcome to The Center for Outcome Analysis

The Center for Outcome Analysis, Inc., (COA) is a non-profit firm founded in 1985 to perform evaluation, research, and demonstration projects in the human services and health care services. COA is founded on the principle that service agencies should be guided by the measurable individual quality of life outcomes of their services and supports. Many qualities of life are reliably measurable, and they should be measured. The ultimate unit of accountability for human services must become the quality of life of the people receiving supports.

Latest news:  New Leash on Life USA is subject of 6 day front page Philadelphia Inquirer coverage.

View four of our scientific reports about New Leash at the top of Reports and Publications

Our comprehensive study of the relationship between the size of a group living situation, quality of life, and cost.

The classic Pennhurst Longitudinal Study can be viewed and downloaded here.

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